Advocacy is a main pillar of the ASEP-CELLs project. This facilitates the information dissemination and knowledge management of research studies and activities conducted by the project.

As the third year of the project is navigating through the restrictions of the pandemic, visibility and advocacy will remain heavily digital. Following the social marketing activities for the new normal, the Project will communicate project outputs to its stakeholders through various online platforms. Investment in the content and online platforms should be taken into account.

One of the main communication outputs of the project will be a series of videos (10-15 minutes each) that will present the key accomplishments of each CELL and the project in whole. Production of these videos will be commissioned to local professional videographers.

Specifically, the objectives of the video production are to:

  1. Increase the visibility of the project through digital platform; and
  2. Develop high quality videos communicate the project’s key accomplishments to the stakeholders amid the ‘new normal’ setting.


Proposed Terms of Reference

Freelance Videographer/s or Digital Production Agency

Expected output

A video featuring the key accomplishments of the ASEP-CELLs Project in terms of Knowledge Management, Capacity Building, and Advocacy.



  • Concept development: Co-develop the script and storyboard with the PMO Communications Team
  • Graphic design: Develop infographic material in printed (with graphic poster design) and digital form (with audio, visual & moving animation) to be uploaded in the website, social media, and other online platforms
  • Shoot videos from the project sites in the presence of a member of the PMO Communications Team and/or partner organization
  • Review videos with the PMO Communications Team Post Production: Non-linear editing, color grading, 2D motion graphics animation. Render video in 1920x1080p HD format
  • Audio production: sound design, mixing and mastering, use of music in a licensed subscription library and in-house voiceover talent (if needed)
  • Formation of a production crew: Creative director, art director, copywriter, musical arranger/composer, video editor, graphic artist, motion graphic/animation artist.


The job will be contracted to a freelance videographer/s or a digital production agency with an allotted budget of Php 500,000. Payment shall be done in tranches. Below is a proposed scheme:


Key Milestones Percentage
Upon signing of the contract 50%
Approved design study, script 25%
Acceptance by the Contracting Party of the final collaterals 25%


The video will take a storytelling approach where it will be a mix of interviews with key stakeholders, narrative voice-overs and infographics presentations. It is important that the project’s theory of change will be visible in each video, that is, how has the project’s interventions changed the perspectives and practices of the stakeholders at different levels.

The Communications Team have selected some videos as references for the Production Team.

  1. Gilutongan: Life in a Small Island
  2. The Philippines: Climate Action and Sustainable Development
  3. Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds
  4. Adapting to a Changing Climate
  5. REDD+ Ghana: Engaging People in Sustainable Forest Management and Bringing Community Benefits


Local media production agencies, videographers, or freelancers are invited to apply!

Please send your proposal and plan for a 20-minute video, media agency or professional profile, and supporting documents to Mr. Raul S. Dela Peña ( no later than 22 October 2021.

The concept note of the ASEP-CELLs Finale Video Call for Proposals is available here.