ASEP-CELLs participated in the Countdown organized by TEDxFortBonifacio wherein they tackled climate change as we know it in the Philippines. Attended by Filipino youth, climate activists, policymakers, and key experts in climate and environmental science, the Countdown paved way for a fruitful discussion towards “changing climate change.”

ASEP-CELLs took part in the Countdown Circle, a virtual small group discussion within the event, with the theme “Reimagining Economies.” This open discussion tackled current practices and explore possible options to attain a green economy in the Philippines – a key player that will help achieve this goal is believed to be the country’s transition to clean energy.

Taking off from the best practices and lessons learned by India as shared by Varun Sivaram of ReNew Power in his TED talk about “India’s historic opportunity to industrialize using clean energy,” the event sparked hope that transition towards clean energy is attainable in the Philippines. The discussion posed a challenge for the Filipino youth to use their voice and take part in changing climate change. Ending the discussion in a hopeful note, the Countdown hosts reiterated the significance of doing our own small actions in seeking climate justice and pushing for a more sustainable future.