ASEP-CELLs Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Josef T. Yap, presented the “Managing the Energy Trilemma in the Philippines”

Future Energy Show Philippines, held from November 16-19, featured ASEP-CELLs Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Josef T. Yap and his research paper entitled “Managing the Energy Trilemma in the Philippines.”

During his session, Dr. Yap discussed the Energy Trilemma framework and the Philippines’ situation in terms of Energy Security, Energy Equity, and Environmental Sustainability. He also emphasized how the ASEP-CELLs Project can contribute to address the Energy Trilemma in the country – specifically, proposing a welfare function framework and that provides a mechanism to evaluate policy options. The session was virtually attended by 104 participants from various energy organizations.

The Future Energy Show Philippines provided a platform for the energy sector and its stakeholders to have a fruitful discussion about the trends and breakthroughs in the industry. The event also gathered multi-sectoral representatives who spoke about diverse energy topics. Some of the other notable discussions were on renewable energy regulations in the Philippines, transition to a low carbon economy, solar rural electrification, and pressing issues on energy storage.