The University of San Carlos (USC) launched the first solar photovoltaic (PV) project of the Visayas CELL at Gilutongan Island last March 2, 2020. The installation of a 7.92kWp solar PV system is expected to serve eleven households of the island, providing increased access to electricity as well as opportunities to improve their economic activities.

The project aims to provide 24-hour electricity to the selected beneficiaries using only renewable energy. Moreover, it will also be a testbed project to provide insights on household uses of electricity and whether increased access will help them improve their socio-economic conditions. The new systems has a 24 units of 330-watt solar PV panels, 2 units of 5kW inverter, and 12 units of 200Ah battery. The system will be maintained by the beneficiaries with guidance from the USC Team (Visayas CELL).

Gilutongan Island is an island barangay in Cordova, Cebu City, Philippines (10.2067º N, 123.9886º E). It can be reached through a 45-minute outrigger boat ride from the port of Cordova. There are over 300 households and 4 villages on the island. The main sources of livelihood for the residents are fishing, seaweed farming, and vending.