The ASEP-CELLs Project, as represented by Senior Technical Adviser Dr. Josef Yap, was featured last night on ANC’s Future Perfect — which tackles emerging technology products, projects, and programs. The show explored different aspects and types of Renewable Energy in the Philippines and issues concerning the institutionalization and sustainability of Clean and Renewable Energy policies in the country. Dr. Yap emphasized the significance of implementing the right policies and active support of LGUs in achieving 100% rural electrification and other sustainable energy goals.

“We are targeting lower carbon emissions and the Philippines actually have approximately 10% of its households who do not have access to electricity, which is sometimes called ‘Energy Poverty.’ In order to combine these goals — increasing access to electricity and lowering carbon emissions — the emphasis is on Renewable Energy,” said Dr. Yap.

The Project goes for gradual implementation in order to meet its different objectives. It also encourages collaboration among various relevant stakeholders in implementing tailor-fit strategies that will be relative to the existing social context of the communities which will be served.

Dr. Yap also mentioned that the Project will explore all options and recommend the most optimal solutions – considering environmental and social aspects. He also emphasized on accounting for equity which will ensure that the shift towards Renewable Energy will not be too drastic for its beneficiaries.

Written by Sofia Annella G. Wenceslao, Research Assistant, EU ASEP-CELLs Project