ASEP-CELLs attended the 14th International Exhibit and Conference on Directions for Energy, Power and Electricity last September 3 and 4 at the SMEX Convention Center in Manila City. In partnership with the European Union-Access to Sustainable Energy Programme, the think-tank helped promote the theme “trends shaping around renewable energy” to an estimated 200 energy specialists and stakeholders.

Dr. Antonio G. M. La Viña, Executive Director of the Manila Observatory, visits the ASEP-CELLs booth during the 2019 PowerTrends exhibit. Manila Observatory is one of five partners under the ASEP-CELLs project.

The event, considered as the longest running energy show in the Philippines, was led by the National Renewable Energy Board and the Department of Energy. activity highlighted the development and utilization of renewable energy resources through its implementation of Renewable Portfolio Stands for On-Grid and Off-Grid Areas, Renewable Energy Market Rules, the Green Energy Option Rules and the Revised National Renewable Energy Program.

Representatives from the DOE (left) and ASEP-CELLs (right) discuss with university student the importance of research to better understand the opportunities of adapting renewable energy in the Philippines. In 2019, ASEP-CELLs will develop 13 research studies on renewable energy and energy access.

During the two-day exhibition and conference, ASEP-CELLs introduced its research studies and capacity-building services to energy professionals, practitioners, as well as policy and law makers to strengthen sustainable knowledge exchange and foster partnerships.

The event was attended by Shell, SMC Global Power, Aboitiz Power, Edward Marcs, Solvera Lynx, Meanwell Enterprise, among others.